Iran Powerplant Repairs Company

Mechanic and Manufacturing Activities:

  • Fundamental repairs, upgrading and maintaining types of compressor rotors and steam and gas turbines;
  • Assembling and disassembling, replacing types of parts and blades of all turbines and steam and gas compressors in the rotors’ workshops;
  • Dynamic low speed balancing up to 500 RPM with the capacity of 13 tons and dynamic high speed balancing up to 3000 RPM in vacuum with the capacity of 20 to 80 tons and over speed test up to 7200 RPM for all types of turbines, compressors and generators with maximum length of 15 m in the over speed balance workshop;
  • Reverse engineering including different steps of engineering measurement, modeling, manufacturing parts, steam turbines blades and steam and gas compressors, Curtis wheels and stubshaft used in power plant industries;
  • Performing complete identifying tests and studying materials, destructive and nondestructive tests to determine the parts’ defects and evaluating the remaining life;
  • Complete manufacturing of steam turbine rotors in the mechanic workshop;
  • Different methods of welding and thermal operations of types of metals and alloy groups in the mechanic workshop.