Iran Powerplant Repairs Company


-	GEF-5 Compressor Blades.
-	GEF-5 Rotor Stub Shaft.
-	GEF-5 Compressor Rotor Discs.
-	GEF-6 Compressor Rotor Rotating Blades.
-	GEF-9 Compressor Rotor Blades.
-	GEF-9 Rotor Stub Shaft.
-	W251-TG20 Compressor Rotor Blades.
-	W251-TG20 Rotor Blade Lock Pin.
-	Rotating & Stationary Blades for HP, IP and LP Sections of Steam Turbine.
-	Generator Rotor Aluminum Fan Blades.
-	Copper Furnace Bar Keeper.
-	GE 82 mw Steam Unit Turbine Rotor.
-	MITSUBISHI 701 Unit Turbine Rotor.