Iran Powerplant Repairs Company

Project Unit:

The activities of the project unit that includes the repairs of rotary equipment in the employer site are as follows:
Kraftwork GE Franco Tosi Hitachi ABB LMZ MHI EKM Siemens Skoda
  • overhauling of different types of gas units;
  • Upgrading V94.2 gas units to V94.2/5 and V94.3 gas turbines;
  • Performing destructive and nondestructive tests on assembled and disassembled parts of steam and gas turbines;
  • Analyzing vibrations and correctional maintenance (CM) of steam and gas turbines;
  • overhauling of electric equipment and instruments;
  • overhauling of rotary system guards;
  • overhauling of power plant auxiliary systems;
  • overhauling of power plant side systems;
  • overhauling of parts of electric motors;
  • Inspecting and performing fundamental repairs of pumps and valves;
  • Performing periodical repair and maintenance of power plant units;
  • Partnership in overhaul supervision of Bushehr Power Plant steam turbines;
  • Installing gas, steam, water and combined cycle units based on manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Simultaneous performing of more than 15 different projects at the employers’ sites out of the company.